12 Comments on “Tree of Woe”

  1. Dear Platte F. Clarke,
    I loved your book Bad Unicorn. I thought it was very interesting. I liked the part when the frobbits asked what his name was and they thought he was a disease because his name was Max. I just started your book, Fluff Dragon, I think it is ver funny. I can’t wait to read Good Ogre! You should start a 4th book after Good Ogre. You should call your book Lovely Mr. Shark.
    Sincerely, Brynn, age 9

  2. Dear Mr.Clarke,

    I love your Bad Unicorn Trilogy, but is there going to be some kind of fourth book? I’ve been thinking and I have some theories about the Sixteenth Prime Spell, but I don’t know if they’re correct. I took letters out of BAD UNICORN TRILOGY SECRET and managed to come up with this: Sundery or Sunderility. They fit with the whole “World Sundering” idea and I think that Maximillian Sporazo found it and used them. In the end of book 3, Bellstro says that Max’s father did look for it, but doesn’t state whether he was successful or not. I think that he found and used it, but it escaped back into the Umbraverse. If I’m wrong, can you please give me a hint on it? I couldn’t think of any other theories. Also, will there be a book 4? I would buy it the instant it came out :). Watch out for squirrels!

    Ian, 10

    P.S: Why is Dirk named after a sword?

    • Thanks Ian. I would love to write a fourth book and I have some ideas for where to go with it, but it’s up to my publisher at this point. I’m hoping I have a chance to dive into the missing spell and more on Max’s relationship with his father.

    • Dirk is actually named after a 1983 video game character — Dirk the Daring in Dragon’s Lair. As a kid I put way too many quarters into that thing trying to solve it.

  3. I noticed another thing…. in the codex’s copyright warning it says that you can be frozen, TORN ASUNDER, ect. TORN ASUNDER. I cant think of a way another spell could be used for that,plus, wouldn’t it say torn apart, not asunder. ASUNDER- a = sunder. sunder + y = sundery

  4. i read bad unicorn and i was wondering how or where you can buy fluff dragon i got bad unicorn at a book fair.

    • Hey Steven. You can definitely pick it up online at Amazon.com or other retailers. It’s also available at a large number of Barns & Noble and other independent book stores. Thanks for asking and I hope you enjoyed the first book!

  5. Dear Platte F. Clarke,
    Your books are amazing. They honestly make me laugh very hard on a gloomy day. Where did you get the idea to write about a carnivorous unicorn, fire kittens, and fluffy dragons?

    • Thanks so much Maya. I wish I knew where all these crazy ideas came from – but the truth is I just try to write books that I think are funny and that my kids think are funny. I like to take things and turn them sideways — a carnivorous unicorn, a fluffy Dragon, and fire wielding kittens. Of course I’m allergic to cats, so I may have some issues I was needing to work out.

  6. Any news on a fourth book? I really hope you can make another one. If not,will you tell us the thirteenth prime spell? I still think it’s sundery. Also, now that I’m in middle school, we have Bad Unicorn in our library! I hope it’ll inspire people to buy the rest of the series :). -Ian Smith again, now I’m 11

    • Hi Ian!

      I’m hoping there will be a fourth book too, but no spoilers around the 13th spell — that will be a big part of Book #4. I’m glad they have Bad Unicorn in your school library — thanks for being such a great fan!