Collector’s Edition?

Are you one of the few who received a version of Bad Unicorn with a fairly substantial misprint? It’s likely less than 20 of these versions exist, so if you got to a particular chapter and started scratching your head, let me know. Aladdin will send you a new copy, and you can keep yours as a treasured collector’s item. Just message me what the error is and you’re a winner—lucky you!

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  1. I live in Providence, Rhode Island and I had checked out Bad Unicorn from the library. I was really enjoying the book until I finished chapter twelve and everything got all mixed up. I realized then that I had one of those few misprinted copies. Could you please send the library a new copy? It is the Rochambeau Library at 708 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906.

    Lucy Anderson (Age 10)

    • Hi Lucy!

      I’ve let the publisher know that we’ve tracked down one of the books with the printing error, and I expect they’ll send a new one out shortly. Thanks for letting us know!

      – Platte

  2. Hi-

    My son received the Bad Unicorn series from his cousins for his birthday last August. He and I have been reading the book and really enjoying it (I appreciate many of the jokes he doesn’t get since I lived through the 80s and he, being 9, didn’t).

    However, as I was reading to him this evening I got very confused as suddenly new characters appeared with no explanation (snow faeries and Yah Yah) and they were going to war- then suddenly they were earlier in time preparing for war. The book jumps around, but it had always made sense before.

    I then looked more closely, and realized that we jumped from Ch 11 pg 154 to Ch 22 pg 251 – 282 the jumped back to pg 187 onward. When I pointed this out to my son, he shrugged and said: “Well, what do you expect? It’s probabaly the Codex of Infinite Knowability messing with the pages.”

    We’d love to get a copy with the missing pages please.

    • Hi Kristen and Jackson!

      Yes, sounds like you ended up with one of the special, Codex of Infinite Knowability enhanced editions. Please send me your address to [email protected] and I will submit it to my editor. Glad you’re both enjoying the book!

  3. Hi I bought my daughter the box set in May and she just came to me that the story got all crazy after chapter 12 and goes right into chapter 22 skipping quite a bit a pages. Sounds like we got one of the lucky copies!!

    I purchased from Amazon

    • Hi Courtney,

      I’d be happy to send out a replacement. Just send me your address at [email protected]. Sorry for the delay, I had a small tech hiccup with this site and missed some of these posts. Thanks and happy reading!

  4. Hi,
    My daughter is in the middle of bad unicorn and came to me saying the story didn’t make sense and the page numbers were off. It goes from chapter 12 to chapter 22 and then the page numbers go forward and then back again with pages missing.

    We would love a copy with all the pages so she can finish reading !! We purchased this on amazon in May ‘18.

    Courtney and izzy

    • Hey there Courtney and Izzy! Yes indeed, sounds like you have one of the oh-so-special collector’s editions. I’ll send a note off to the publisher – please let me know when you get your new linearly paged and organized version!

  5. How about for Fluff Dragon? I’m reading a copy checked out from my school library and there is a printing error, too. Pages 283-314 are followed by pages 283-314 again, then it jumps to pg 347. Pages 315 – 346 are not in the book. Could my school get a corrected copy?

  6. Hi, Mr. Platte am enjoying your book but at chapter thirty-one it has awful grammar and it says about eight-foot square out of nowhere if you could send me a new one at
    1800 Luthy Dr. NE ABQ New Mexico

    Thanks so much for writing this book!