Collector’s Edition?

Are you one of the few who received a version of Bad Unicorn with a  fairly substantial misprint? It’s likely less than 20 or so of these versions exist, so if you got to a particular chapter and started scratching your head, let me know. Aladdin will send you a new copy, and you can keep yours as a treasured collector’s item.  Just message me what the error is and you’re a winner–lucky you.

2 thoughts on “Collector’s Edition?”

  1. I live in Providence, Rhode Island and I had checked out Bad Unicorn from the library. I was really enjoying the book until I finished chapter twelve and everything got all mixed up. I realized then that I had one of those few misprinted copies. Could you please send the library a new copy? It is the Rochambeau Library at 708 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906.

    Lucy Anderson (Age 10)

    1. Hi Lucy!

      I’ve let the publisher know that we’ve tracked down one of the books with the printing error, and I expect they’ll send a new one out shortly. Thanks for letting us know!

      – Platte

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